Social Tools Training Circle N.4

21 May 2019 17:30 — 20:30

This is the fourth of a series of 6 follow-up events of the Social Tools 2018 conference. Since new practices cannot be established during a weekend workshop we decided to host 6 training sessions. The "program" for these 6 sessions will be based on the "12 Patterns of Decentralized Organizing" as outlined by Nat and Rich in their workshop. You can register for free through our Eventbrite.

For each of the peer learning session, we will focus on one pair of those 12 patters. We will exchange experiences and practices, do some exercises and deepen our understanding of the patterns. We will pull in other resources and discussions, for example from Sociocracy 3.0 or Cultural Democracy. A session might conclude with a Case Clinic if time allows. These sessions are open to anyone – not only Social Tools participants.

Session 4 will focus on Patterns 3+4: "Distribute care labour" and "Collectively agree on norms and boundaries." In the session, we will discuss how to make invisible work more visible, consider an interesting model of stewardship within a decentralised organisation and assume that common sense doesn't exist.

This event is organised in collaboration with Pixelache Festival 2019: Breaking the Fifth Wall! and space is generously provided by “Kehä Nolla” – our office became slightly too small for hosting the event.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019
17:30 PM – 20:30 EET

Kehä Nolla
Nilsiänkatu 10 A
00510 Helsinki