Walking Encounters with Brigitte Kovacs


Visitors are invited to take part in a series of art walks. On three consecutive evenings during the blue hour (starting 21:00 until approximately 22:00) participants will explore a predefined area outside the well-known city centre of Helsinki (between the former industrial areas around Suvilahti and the culturally diverse neighbourhoods of Kontula) by foot in search of chance encounters.

Hereby, the art project is conceptualised like a game, producing individual, tactile experiences and following predefined rules:

On each evening one art walk with one participant will take place in one of the locations. By registering beforehand (at least one week prior), the participant gets the email address of the artist and sends her a picture of their self. In reverse, they will get a photograph of the artist, the ‘rules of the game’ and a detailed map of the area, which should be traversed by foot.

Starting at 21:00 at a random spot within the marked area the participant should keep on walking within the arranged ‘field’ as long as they meet, coincidentally, the artist, who will be walking at the same time in the same area, or until sunset. Hereby it is up to chance if a ‘real-world’ encounter takes place and if the fifth wall is actually broken. 

Every time the artist/participant makes a turn, they are asked to make a photograph of their surroundings using the app mytracks (available for ios and android). Independently if artist and participant find each other, this record of movement is supposed to be sent to the artist on the following day in order to be presented as part of the project documentation. In case the artist and participant find each other, the participant gets a physical ‘remnant/relict’ of the artist’s walk and they are free to spend the night together according to their own wishes. If they don’t find each other, they may leave the marked area again, the remnant will become part of the documentation.


/// BRIGITTE KOVACS ///  Walking Encounters  ///  Begining at Oranssi, Kaasutehtaankatu 11/20, 00540 Helsinki  (Limited to one participant per performance) /// 21.05. /// 21:00 - 22:00 ///

/// BRIGITTE KOVACS ///  Walking Encounters  ///  Begining at Herttoniemi Metro Station  (Limited to one participant per performance) /// 22.05 ///  21:00 - 22:00 ///

/// BRIGITTE KOVACS ///  Walking Encounters  ///  Itäkeskus  (Limited to one participant per performance) /// 23.05 ///  21:00 - 22:00 ///