Alan Bulfin (Seinäjoki Side-event Curator)


Alan Bulfin is Pixelache's 2019 Festival co-director and one-fourth of the festivals four-person team. Alan is an award-winning visual artist and trained in Belfast Northern Ireland public art masters program, He is currently based in Seinäjoki, Finland. He is an Independent Public Art specialist and works collaboratively in varying roles.

Bulfin's study interests are dialogic, participatory, interventionist and collaborative in intention and structure. As a public art professional Alan Bulfin has worked in Helsinki Creates Work -project, City of Helsinki, 2014-15. Alan co-curated with Steve Maher, Pii Anttila and Anastasia Artemeva Gaming the System as part of Pixelache festival 2015 Living Spaces, citywide art festival, Helsinki. Since 2017, Bulfin has been an active member of the collaborative art project Collective Intelligence. In 2018 Collective intelligence participated in a number of collateral events as part Manifesta12, Palermo, Sicily, Italy.  In 2019 Bulfin started the project Senses of Sustenance alongside the Pixelache festival Breaking the Fifth Wall. For more than ten years Bulfin has produced and presented in artistic events throughout Europe.

As part of the directorial team, Bulfin has taken up a number of roles including research and development, venue management, and has curated a side event in Seinäjoki old fire station in association with Seinäjoki art hall.