Pii Anttila


Pii Anttila (b.1984)  is an artist, producer and art educator based in Seinäjoki, Finland. Her study interests are solidarity economy that takes a form of a pedagogical art event. Sharing knowledge, highlighting society’s power structures, gaming the systems by creating gestures of caring for each other in the public are subjects that her work examines. She has expertise in early childhood art education and has research contemporary art as event making in the public.


Anttila has received Master of Arts degree in Art Education in 2016 from Aalto University, Helsinki and in 2011 Master of Arts, (MA) in Media Studies, University of Lapland, Finland and in 2008 Bachelor of Arts (BA), Fine Arts, Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Her most notable art events were The Shop of Surprises, part of HKL art program Taidelinja in Helsinki, Finland in 2015, Celeste Prize 2012, Centrale Montemartini, Rome, Italy and her solo art project was in PS² -Project Space, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 2010. Anttila is currently working as a project coordinator in Seinäjoki Art Hall and running a rural arts development project called Mullistaja.


/// PII ANTTILA /// Fidelity to Home /// Senses Of Sustenance - Old Firestation of Seinäjoki /// 16.05 - 19.05. ///