Senses Of Sustenance  



/// SENSES OF SUSTENANCE ///  Old Firestation of Seinäjoki, Kaartotie 65, 60100 Seinäjoki /// 17. – 19.5.2019 ///  12:00 – 18:00 /// Vernissage on the 16.5. between 18:00 - 20:00 ///

///  LAURA DALHBERG - C6H12O /// EGLE ODDO - Ark of Seeds /// ANTTI HINTSA - My Home is the Forest /// PII ANTTILA - Home /// ALAN BULFIN - Fidelity to Home ///


Fidelity to home has its roots in reinventing the heart for the home.  A fidelity to home extends beyond our houses and family, it is of the earth and it consumes us as we consume it.  Sustenance is a binding force that is looked for trough senses this is nothing less than sentience.  Through our senses of sustenance together we will form a fidelity as warm and caring as a home can be.

Alan Bulfin / Co - Art Director of the Pixelache 2019 Festival



Senses of Sustenance – station is a group exhibition from local and Finland based artists that are doing process-based art in relation to nature, biodiversity and mould problems. Art that these artists do affects communities and places by exploring materials and meaning, how they come together as thought. SoS - station will be run by artist Alan Bulfin, who will use the station as unique and collective thinking through sensory thought to question our role and identity in sustenance.

Artists invited to the station will reactivate the old fire station through installations, bonfire meetings and community artworks. Local artist Pii Anttila and Alan Bulfin’s artwork Fidelity to Home is an attempt to create different recipes on how to care for the environment and share our community knowledge.  Fidelity to home extends beyond our houses, it is a part of the earth and it consumes us as we consume it. Photographer Antti Hintsa living in Isokyrö has interviewed and photographed forest workers that consider the forest as home. He brings communities together in local libraries and clubhouses around Ostrobothnia. Italo-Finnish artist Egle Oddo makes instructions about, how to care for seeds and biodiversity through her art practice. Laura Dahlberg’s art is for relaxing in an industrialized setting that makes our absurd relationship with nature seem real.

Pii Anttila / Project Coordinator / Seinäjoen taidehalli


SoS - Senses of Sustenance – station is a collaboration with Pixelache Festival 2019 Breaking the Fifth Wall and Seinäjoki taidehalli, produced by Alan Bulfin (Pixelache) and Pii Anttila (Seinäjoki taidehalli / Mullistaja). More info at



Pii Anttila

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