At the 2019 Pixelache Helsinki Festival, the Social Tools team will examine the economic, social and political practices of decentralisation.

We will look at what happens to groups or communities that try to work in different, democratic and more decentralised ways. Social Tools is aimed at members of activist networks, artistic collectives, companies, co-ops, NGOs, museums, startups, universities, and interested individuals.

At Social Tools, we will have debates and practical workshops to share a variety of practices that deal with issues of decentralising and democratising. This is not a passive event: everyone’s experience will count. The organisers have all worked with Pixelache for many years to create a decentralized working model. We came up with some successful solutions, but we struggled with basic issues. We also learned that we are not alone and that those challenges occur whenever we try to work without a traditional command-and-control structure.

The event is part of an ongoing series called the Social Tools Training Sessions. The language of the conference is English.


Photo Credit: Antti Ahonen


/// SOCIAL TOOLS /// Social Tools Training Circle 4 /// Kehä Nolla /// 21.05. between 17:30 - 21:30 ///