Jan Lütjohann


Jan Lütjohann (born 1987, Kiel) is a sculptor and educator from northern Germany who lives and works in Finland. He has exhibited and taught in Germany, Finland and Estonia.


Working with Hands in a Post-Industrial Society

In the workshop, participants use traditional hand tools to apply the sculptural processes of dividing, shaping and connecting wood. 

We activate pre-industrial technology to get over established narratives of craft and take a critical approach to do-it-yourself. 

To address our fragmented daily experience, we bring together hands-on work with social strategies of local collaboration, borrowing and working side by side in the same space.

Participants with all levels of knowledge about working with wood are welcome. The tools are suitable for anyone who can follow safety instructions in English.


/// JAN LÜTJOHANN /// Working with hands in a post-industrial society /// Museum of Impossible Forms, Kontula, Keinulaudankuja 4 E, 00940 Helsinki /// 21.05. - 23.05. /// every day between 12:00 - 17:00 ///