Sound Boxes with Derek Holzer

Discover the hidden sonic qualities of objects from our everyday world in this hands-on workshop, combining the arts of electronics, sound, and sculpture. Soundboxes take place at the Museum of Impossible forms in Kontula over the space of two days, places are limited to 12 participants, a small fee of (€20) for materials is required to participate. 

SoundBoxes are small, primitive electro-acoustic instruments built from a wooden box, a speaker, a small audio amplifier and a contact microphone. They can create a variety of drone and reverb-type sounds through feedback between the speaker and microphone, as seen in this video. Or they can bring out the hidden sounds found within everyday objects as seen in this video. They also have small touchpoints which can be used to produce a variety of “circuit bending” sounds.

This workshop does not require any previous knowledge of electronics, only an interest in both sound and instrument-building. During the first workshop day, we will build a SoundBox instrument for each participant. During the second workshop day we will use these SoundBoxes to explore ideas of sound, space, and movement, and collaboratively compose a performance for Pixelache visitors to experience.

Participants are encouraged to find their own wooden boxes and loudspeakers for this workshop. Specific information will be sent to registered participants.

Further information and images can be found here.


/// DEREK HOLZER /// SoundBoxes - Workshop /// Museum of Impossible Forms, Kontula, Keinulaudankuja 4 E, 00940 Helsinki. /// 24.05 and 25.05. /// 10:00 - 17:00 /// End - of - Workshop Performance 25.05. at 19:00 ///