VR Bucket Workshop with Pagan (Lisa Roberts)

24 May 2019 11:00 — 17:00

VR Bucket Workshop with Pagan (Lisa Roberts) is a session reserved for 10 participants. The materials fee is 10€ and you can reserve your slot through our Eventribe page.


About the Workshop


Bucket reality explores the future of sculpture in the everyday world of virtual reality. Visitors are invited to explore three miniature handmade worlds using a VR headset mounted inside a bucket that hangs from the ceiling. Through Bucket reality and the accompanying installation, Pagan explores what it means to be present in two places at once and ask how we orientate ourselves when we occupy more than one space at a time.

Bucket-VR is about demystifying virtual reality technology and empowering everybody to explore the creative potential of this emerging medium. Integral to the project is a DIY workshop where everyone can build their own VR-(bucket)-headset, learn about the fundamental concepts of virtual reality, build their own reality world and get immersed in it.

Each participant in the workshop will create a small 360 set made up of a circular 2D panoramic photo collage, painting or drawing as a backdrop and a miniature 3D world made of real objects, modelled or drawn characters. Each participant will play with scale and push the boundaries of documentary by creating and inviting others into their own private world. Each unique diorama will be captured with a 360 camera and adapted using our own VR software. Later everyone will be invited to dive in and explore these new worlds as the lead protagonist via the VR bucket headset.


About the Artists



Pagan is a cross-disciplinary collective of creatives with a background in technology, film, interaction design and game design. Currently, they are exploring interactive media to make unique participatory installations in public space. Pagan are connected by the joy of experimentation and make-believe. Pagan are Daniel Blackburn, Lisa Roberts and Tuomo Tammenpää from Kemiö, Finland.


/// PAGAN (LISA ROBERTS) /// VR Bucket Workshop /// Solu, Luotsikatu 13, Katajanokka, 00160 Helsinki /// 25.05. /// 10:00 - 14:30 ///