Antti Hintsa


Antti Hintsa graduated 2016 as Master of Arts from University of Art and Design. His main art forms are photography, installation and mixed media. Hintsa has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions both in Finland and abroad. As a member of the All Walls collective he has actively both created and produced community art. His present work is in the documentary Kotini on metsä – book, where he explores the perspectives of people to forest, and how their perspectives vary and even change.


My Home is a Forest

The documentary artwork series Kotini on metsä (My Home is Forest) views on how the Southern Ostrobothnian identity builds on forests, and questions the classical golden age conceptions that still hover over the debates of forestry and forests. The series exhibits commentaries and pictures of the local forest attenders, and give the exhibition visitors to reflect their own relationship in their own home region as also broader in their homeland.


/// ANTTI HINTSA /// Senses of Sustenence /// My Home is the Forest /// Old Firestation of Seinäjoki /// 16.05 - 19.05. ///