Keru - RuokaHävikki


Keru is a non-profit open community fridge located at the Setlementtitalo in Kallio, Helsinki. Keru will work in collaboration with Pixelache during the festival, providing food and refreshments throughout parts of the festival. 

It is a concept developed with the aim to reduce food waste and to support sustainable food culture. Keru offers an easy way to take part in solving the global food waste issue. It is open and free to everyone who wants to share and/or collect food.

The project began with a pilot period starting in 2018. The aim is to gain experience and continue the project on a regular basis after the trial period. This project is run by the Waste Food Crew – a group of food activists and volunteers in collaboration with Setlementtiliitto. Keru is inspired by successful food sharing movements across Europe.