Conversation with Laura Dahlberg

Posted by Steve Maher on 27 Mar 23:18

Pixelache Member Arlene Tucker interviews Pixelaceh Festival 2019 - Breaking the Fifth Wall featured artist Laura Dahlberg.

Laura's work C6H120 features as part of the Senses Of Sustenence Side event in collaboration Seinäjoki Taidehalli. 

It was more like me watching Laura eat fish and chips.  The plate full of golden fried goodness did look enticing, but I was pretty content with my tall glass of french wheat beer.  We had two whole booths to ourselves. Sitting on an island amongst a sea of other people on a Saturday looking to spend time with people- some total strangers and other strangers that have consciously slid into their lives, like us.  Over the couple of hours, I saw the light change as it entered the window on the right. It hit Laura’s face in a really beautiful way that I knew I wouldn’t be able to reproduce. I kept on saying to myself in my mind, “take a picture. Capture this moment.” But I ignored myself as I didn’t want to break the momentum Laura and I started.  I see it in my mind and you’ll have to imagine it too.

We started talking about home, weather, points to feel comfortable and find connections.  She comes from Jyväskylä, the quieter side of Finland, where she was surrounded by forest trails her as she has experimented with different fields and subjects.  And then we managed to talk about everything in between.

Finding strength to do what you want, knowing you can always change:

On normality and wants:

Interests, intrigue and absurdity:

Natural vs. Unnatural candy:

On smell and deodorant:

As luck and coincidence had it, we both had tickets to go see the same performance later that night. Of all the places, of the things, we continued together for a little while longer.

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