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25 September 2019

Arlene Tucker (AT): Hi Dries! How has the development of the project been going? Dries Depoorter (DD): Good :) AT: The last time we spoke was in February and now it’s full on springy April. It sounded like things were very much in the air at the... ...
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15 May 2019
Arlene Tucker (AT): You have been roaming around my periphery and sometimes within my sphere without me knowing it! Anastasia told me that you also have been working with Umelec. How funny! When I lived in Prague, I started working with them and... ...
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02 May 2019
T: Hi Brigitte! How shall we start? The canvas is clean and the world is our oyster. BK: What a nice image!!! Though a blank canvas can also be frightening in some ways, so just fire away :-)! AT: Great! What would you put on a blank canvas? And... ...
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24 April 2019
Arlene Tucker (AT): Hi Varvara! Hope you are having a really good week. Have you been in Tallinn? Just when I thought spring was really starting to be a reality the weather jumps down to -5 degrees...again. How has the weather had an impact on... ...
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22 April 2019
Heyon Han (HH): Dear Arlene, Thank you for writing to me. Yes, I would be open and happy to make an interview with you. I would be also interested to know more about you, what do you usually deal with in your work, your interest, and your position... ...
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16 April 2019
Arlene Tucker (AT): Hi Jan! I remember you said that you’ve been multitasking quite a lot recently. What are you working on? What are you juggling? Jan Lütjohann (JL): Hello! I’m spending a lot of time in my atelier, working towards several... ...
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04 April 2019
Arlene Tucker (AT): Hi Ali! You have been busy traveling. When you think of your recent travels, what image pops into your mind. Could you describe that? While you were away, I had asked you, “where you are, what does night time sound like? What... ...
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27 March 2019
Pixelache Member Arlene Tucker interviews Pixelaceh Festival 2019 - Breaking the Fifth Wall featured artist Laura Dahlberg. Laura's work C6H120 features as part of the Senses Of Sustenence Side event in collaboration Seinäjoki Taidehalli.
It was... ...